Veterinary Forensic Services

Hearts Alive Village provides forensic investigations into animal cruelty for Clark County, City of Las Vegas, City of North Las Vegas, and Henderson.

We have a specially trained forensics veterinarian who passionately prioritizes these cases. Sadly, live and deceased animals who are suspected victims of abuse and neglect are arriving at our Hearts Alive Clinic much too frequently by way of Animal Protection Officers.

In order to collect quality evidence that will hold up in court and could lead to a conviction, our team absolutely must be available to conduct work when victims arrive. When a live animal is brought to us, in addition to documenting any injuries or illness, we can provide medical treatment, emotional comfort, and psychological support. In some cases, we’ve had the honor of placing them in new and loving homes. When a deceased animal is brought into the clinic, a necropsy is performed. This is the last chance we have to be their voice – to search for truth and provide factual data that could support a successful prosecution.

Featuring Dr. Varias taking a moment to honor a lost soul before she begins her investigation.

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