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Meet our talented team

Where can you find a cat-lover with over 314K Instagram followers and an Assistant  Executive Director on wheels, all under one roof? You guessed it — Hearts Alive Village in Las Vegas!

Kelly McMahon

Assistant Executive Director

Kelly’s dream of rescuing animals became a reality when she met Christy Stevens while they were volunteering at the same shelter.

Kelly has always been an animal lover and having been born with a disability meant she could always have a service dog by her side.

Her service dogs have always been a part of Kelly’s mission to help homeless animals.  Wonka, her beloved golden retriever, entertained people and animals every day at our adoption center. PeeWee, her deaf pit bull mix, proudly served others as a therapy dog.

Kelly works with the HAV team to manage communication with fosters and adopters. She also ensures that all animal data is up to date. At any given time, that can be up to 400 animals!

Her positive attitude is contagious,” says Christy, “and the way she lives her life is an inspiration to us all.”

Amy Clatterbuck

Director of Operations

A Las Vegas native, Amy has spent the last 17 years creating positive change in the lives of Las Vegas animals. As the Nevada State Manager for the Anti Dog Fighting campaign, she promoted awareness, battled for stronger laws, and continues to speak out for the victims and the targeted breed so their voices are heard. Her involvement monitoring the lost and found pages along with shelter intake has resulted in countless dogs being reunited with their owners. And she has opened her home to foster puppies (including over 100 medical needs fosters), giving them a safe and nurturing place to grow until they are ready to be adopted. Amy holds a BA in Public Administration in Law Enforcement. “I have always been passionate about the protection and welfare of the animals in my community,” she says. “Joining Hearts Alive Village has allowed me to dedicate my life to serving them.”

Diana Macias

Human Support Coordinator

Diana’s family relocated to Las Vegas from Santa Barbara, California, when she was just a year old. So basically, she’s been here all her life. A graduate of Western High School, she attended PIMA Medical Institute where she earned her certificate as a Veterinary Assistant. As a child, Diana wanted to become a teacher because she liked helping others. Now she uses her skills to help people and their pets. In her role at HAV Diana connects pet owners who need financial aid with local resources. She also runs the Pets for Life program for targeted zip codes.  What does she like best about her job? “Assisting community members and their pets, especially during these challenging times,” she says. Prior to joining Hearts Alive Village Diana was with the Animal Foundation. On weekends, Diana and her family love to go off-roading and explore new trails. Her favorite travel destination is the beach. But, she admits, she doesn’t go into the ocean because “it’s too cold!”

Nikki Martinez

Director of Feline Solutions

Nikki is the foster mom behind @myfosterkittens on Instagram and the founder of Fostering a Purpose (an apparel company with the purpose of giving back to animal welfare organizations). Nikki has fostered hundreds of cats and kittens and specializes in caring for critical care and neonatal kittens. Nikki serves on the Board of Directors for C5 in Las Vegas and is an active TNR (trap-neuter-return) trapper who is leading an effort to reduce the feral cat population. She is committed to teaching and guiding others to do the same in their community.  Nikki’s more than 314k Instagram followers have kept us in kitten food and supplies, and helped place special needs cats and kittens around the country. Nikki is frequently invited to speak and teach at national events with Jackson Galaxy and Beth Stern (Howard Stern’s wife).

Jennifer Heider

PetSmart Adoption Coordinator

Jennifer makes sure our three PetSmart adoption centers have everything they need to run smoothly – enough cats and volunteers. She joined HAV after meeting Christy Stevens. “Her passion and drive for animals in need, and the chihuahua shirt she was wearing, won me over!” says Jennifer, who is mom to three chihuahua mix pups.  At the time, Jennifer was studying to become a veterinary technician; she received her tech license-in-training in 2022. Born in Lake Forest, IL, Jennifer was drawn to Las Vegas by the natural beauty and outdoor adventure opportunities. She loves to spend time on the water with her pups, Moxy, Sage and Pup-I, the one-eyed guy. As a child, Jennifer dreamed of becoming a park ranger, but she discovered she prefers working with animals. The best part of her job? “Ensuring that the kitties stay healthy while waiting for their forever home.”

Brittany Rutledge

Cat Program Coordinator

An animal lover and formerly a front-end web developer, Brittany moved to Las Vegas from Hawaii in 2015 to pursue a career in digital media. But something unexpected happened. She came to Hearts Alive Village on a whim one day to volunteer. She began to foster and ended up adopting one of her foster kitties, Mana…and taking a job at HAV!  Mana loves helping take care of her feline fosters. She serves as a great role model for kittens learning their manners and how to socialize with others.

Brittany also helps to configure and manage new software systems for HAV. In her little spare time she loves playing with her fur babies and is a fan of video games.

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