Keeping Families Together

Hearts Alive Village will be opening an affordable high quality veterinary clinic.

Pets are considered a huge part of the family. What if you had to make the horrific choice of euthanizing your pet or surrendering him/her to an already over crowded shelter? Perhaps over $500, $1,000 or heck…any amount of money? Or what if you had to watch your pet suffer and go without care all together?
Access to veterinarian care impacts millions of pets and families. There are an estimated 29 million pets living in financially struggling families across the United States, according to recent studies by, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Access to Veterinary Care Coalition (AVCC), American Pet Products Association, and Maddie’s Fund. According to these groups, needing public assistance is one measure to show need; however, middle-class families that often live paycheck to paycheck can also struggle with the rising cost of veterinarian care. Some may say those who cannot afford these costs shouldn’t have a pet, but who are we to deny the wonderful companionship pets provide, not to mention the many health benefits associated with owning a pet (mentally and physically). We often hear people say that their pet is the best part about daily life, they find happiness and unconditional love each day.
We have watched our community time and time again struggle because they are faced with hard decisions when it came to their pet. Those on fixed incomes and especially veterans and seniors are particularly vulnerable. We know…we have been helping people and pets for years!
Although this is a national crisis of epic proportion, with the current pandemic, Clark County needs this service more than ever. Please consider helping us if you are able and together let’s keep pet owners from ever having to make a decision between watching their pet suffer and economic euthanasia.

Affordable Veterinary Care in Clark County

We have secured a location and are underway remodeling it to include our adoption clinic and pet food bank. We will be announcing the location very soon, so check back with us! We plan to open in the next few months.
Hearts Alive Village believes in supporting other animal welfare nonprofits. We will be providing low cost (and free, when possible) services for amazing life saving groups in the Vegas community. It truly does take a village!

Some of our Services

 * In addition to our pet food bank, we will have various medication available at no cost to those in need.

Village Fund

Allowing a pet to suffer because their owner can't pay for veterinarian services is something we can’t allow to happen.

Make a difference for cats and dogs in need.

Lack of access to medical care is a growing crisis in the United States. Millions of pets do not receive the care they need, and many of those will enter the shelter with devastating injuries and illnesses. Last year alone we saved the lives of countless furry family members and kept families whole. Our Village Fund is made possible with your support.
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